Conspiracy + DVD

Posted: Mei 25, 2011 in Card, Close Up, Hot Items

Harga: Rp 100.000 (Gimmick + DVD)

Harga: Rp 75.000 (Only Gimmick)

Dai Vernon once said, “One of the most visually striking things for a spectator to witness is a color change.” Tapi bagaimana jika Anda melakukan efek merubah warna dengan kartu yang terbungkus dalam plastik deck Anda? Sangat visual dan terlihat mustahil untuk di lakukan. Conspiracy by Eric Ross adalah jawabannya! Dalam paket Anda akan mendapatkan Gimmick Conspiracy lengkap dengan DVD Conspiracy by Eric Ross. Order Now!


  • Instant reset.
  • Multiple handlings.
  • Multiple performance ideas.
  • Easy to perform.
  • Create the long lasting gimmick yourself.
  • Change multiple objects, coins, cards, keys, credit cards, business cards, pictures… if you can fit it under the wrapper, then you can transform it.
  • Your own change box built into the deck you already carry. Conspiracy is the type of effect that walks your users down a path of expectation, only to shatter it, instantly leaving them to their imagination. As well all know, their imagination is where all of the best magic hides.



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