Sleeve Star by David Jay (DVD)

Posted: Juni 29, 2011 in Close Up, Coin and Money Magic, VCD and DVD

Harga: Rp 25.000

Bayangkan Anda meminjam sebuah cincin atau uang koin kepada penonton, menaruh di telapak tangan kanan, hanya dalam sekejap cincin atau koin tersebut lenyap dari tangan kanan Anda! Kemudian Anda menunjukkan kepada penonton bahwa cincin atau koin pinjaman tersebut ternyata telah berpindah ke tangan kiri Anda dengan sangat cepat! Variasi efek sangat banyak dan dapat Anda kembangkan sesuai dengan imajinasi Anda. Killer!


Five of David’s favorite routines are also explained.

Coin Teleportation – When Greg Wilson first saw Sleeve Star he helped David routine this effect and it’s a KILLER. A signed coin vanishes with one hand and is found moments later in the other hand, which had been held behind the performer’s back from the beginning of the routine. This can also be performed with borrowed rings and other objects.

Anniversary Coins – Following an in the hands transposition, two borrowed signed coins fuse together as one, freezing the moment of magic perfectly.

Coins Across – Imagine being able to perform a coins across with just three signed coins, no gimmicks, no gaffs, no extras. This is the cleanest version of the plot you will EVER see.

Coins To Pocket – Three signed coins travel from your hand into your pocket with no palming.

Signed Coin to Envelope – A signed coin vanishes and appears in a sealed envelope which has been on display from the beginning of the routine.

“I don’t perform other people’s material, but this I will do. I’m going to put one of these in every jacket I own!” – Gregory Wilson



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