Counterfeit Hollingworth by Wayne Houchin (DVD)

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Card, Close Up, Strongly Recommended DVDs, VCD and DVD

Harga: Rp 40.000

Counterfeit Hollingworth merupakan routine Torn and Restored Card kreasi Wayne Houchin yang sangat exclusive. Selama satu dekade, metode ini hanya dapat di pelajari melalui Live Lecture Wayne Houchin. Counterfeit Hollingworth merupakan salah satu efek kreasi Wayne Houchin yang paling populer dan paling ditunggu oleh semua penggemarnya di seluruh dunia. Kini, bagi penggemar Wayne Houchin yang tidak berkesempatan ikut dalam Live Lecturenya, Wayne Houchin memproduksi DVD Counterfeit Hollingworth tapi dengan jumlah yang sangat terbatas, hanya 150 copy saja di seluruh dunia! Untuk menjaga eksklusifitas dan menghormati Wayne Houchin, maka DVD Counterfeit Hollingworth hanya akan kami jual dengan jumlah yang terbatas, hanya untuk 50 copy saja, setelah itu kami tidak akan menjualnya lagi! Siapa cepat dia dapat! Order Now!




Are you interested in learning my version of the one-piece-at-a-time torn and restored card?

In 2001 I began working on an extremely practical version of the torn & restored card effect. A playing card or business card is openly ripped into 4 pieces. It is then magically restored one piece at a time. The open handling and practical method allow “Counterfeit Hollingworth” to be performed in close-up, intimate situations.

I briefly considered releasing the effect to the magic community in 2006, but due to the number of torn & restored card routines being released at the time, I decided to keep it off the market. For half a decade Counterfeit Hollingworth has been a popular feature of my live lecture. For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to make it to one of my lectures – this is your chance to pickup a copy of my exclusive lecture DVD teaching Counterfeit Hollingworth in depth. This is the first time that this effect is being made available outside of my live lecture.



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