Ultimate Magic Book 1001 Magic Trick!

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10 amazing routines using the dynamic coins gimmick
110 amazing magic tricks with everyday objects – marvin’s ma
aldo colombini – magnetic
aldo colombini – pre-deckability
aldo colombini – the band – 13 new effects with cards & rubb
aliun levitation
anders moden – healed & sealed soda
andrew mayne – bisection
andrew mayne – head twister
andrew mayne – making money with magic
andrew mayne – touching the sky
andrew mayne – x-ray specs
annemann – 202 methods of forcing
annemann – annemann’s card miracles
annemann – buried treasure
annemann – card miracles
annemann – mental miracles
annemann – mental mysteries (1)
annemann – mental mysteries
bar tricks – beer bottle magic trick
card levitation learn to levitate a card
coffee to coins magic trick
dai vernon – expert card technique (the lost chapters)
dai vernon – trick that cannot be explained
dan garrett – closeup connivery – vol 2
daniel garcia – greed
daniel garcia – scatter
david blaine’s magic revealed
david copperfield – floating rose – explanation
david copperfield – laser pen illusion
david ginn – almost unpublished
david stone – basic coin magic 2 – dvd cover
david williamson – how magic works
docc hilford – the cassandra deck
ed marlo – miracle card change
edward marlo – false riffle shuffle in one shuffle
edward marlo – marlo’s roughed stripper deck
edward marlo – the cardician – index
extreme (street) magic
floating bill and small objects levitation
goshman – multiplying sponge balls
harry houdini – miracle mongers and their methods
houdini torture cell
illusions and mental phenomena vol 1
j.h. burlingame – tricks in magic
jay sankey – best of vol 1
jay sankey – wrap it up
jeff ezell – close-up & parlor magic lecture notes
learn sponge balls
levitation library
lou gallo – incredible cards & coins
magic – totaly impromptu deck levitation effect
magic tricks – the fruit machine code
magic tricks 110 page ebook
magic tricks for the beginning magician
marc spelmann – glimpse
michael ammar – the crazy man’s handcuffs
mike bent’s – zero gravity levitation
mind reading for fun and profit
money magic
paper magic – houdini
paul daniels – how to make money by magic
paul osborne – the black book – 105 where is she
pencil manipulation
r. paul wilson – in slow effect
richard robinson – the easy sponge ball act
robert anue hypnotic card deck
rope magic
simon lovell – pen thru tongue
steve fearson – easy float
steve fearson – fearson’s aces
steve fearson – floating cigarette
steve fearson – self levitation box
steve fearson – the source (making invisible thread & wax)
steve fearson – video vision
the magic library – theo annemann – annemann’s mental myster
thomas henry – one man parade – the linking ring
topit plans
zero gravity (self-levitation)

dan masih banyak lagi!

Plus Free Ebook:

Andrew Mayne – Mind F/X

Exploding Light Bulb by Yigal Mesika

Jack Miller’s – Linking Rings Routine

The Secret Of Stage Hypnosis Revealed (Bahasa Indonesia)

The Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks

The Secret Of Lockpicking

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